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  • SIEX  FM-200
  • SIEX FM-200
  • SIEX FM-200
  • SIEX  FM-200
  • SIEX FM-200

SIEX Fixed Fire Suppression System with FM-200 gas

SIEX Fixed Fire Suppression System filled with FM-200® gas is an innovative firefighting system, belonging to dry fire suppression systems. The system has been developed for extinguishing fire in large-space facilities as soon as possible.

SIEX System filled with FM-200® gas is made up of gas cylinders equipped with metering nozzles and solenoids and control system with automatic fire panel. When fire appears, smoke detectors transmit a signal to the fire panel, which begins the process of extinction. Gas is released from the gas cylinders, and is distributed by metering nozzles inside the room. At the same time, appropriate optical and voice signalling system is activated, informing of the commencement of firefighting action.

10 seconds! It is the time within which SIEX with FM-200 ® extinguishes fire effectively;
- excellent properties of  FM-200® (completely safe for people and the environment, replacement of halon) ensure effective and complete protection of sensitive electronic equipment;
- number and size of the gas cylinders is always matched to the size of the protected space;
- large configuration possibilities of the distribution piping, allowing installation of cylinders in other than the protected, adjacent room;
- specificity of the system operation based on the pressure of 24 bar. The design does not require a separate room for gas cylinders, installation of special pressure relief valves or increase the fire resistance of walls and windows;
- the system can be configured for manual activation of the fire extinguishing process.

SIEX Fixed Fire Suppression System filled with FM-200® gasgas is designed to extinguish fires of groups A, B and C and equipment under voltage up to 110 kV in confined spaces and with cubage exceeding 200m3. It is perfect as a fire protection of electrical and switching stations, workshops, risk zones, refineries, warehouses, computer rooms, data centres, laboratories, vaults, archives, libraries and wherever there are equipment and materials sensitive to other extinguishing agents.

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